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Taste of France



Taste of Spring Menus September

 week 1 – 03/09/2019 Brest-Brittany

-amuse bouche
-tartelette de saint jacques, freshly seared shark bay scallops served on a crispy puff pastry & leek tartlet, served with sautéed spinach, asparagus & finished with a light beurre blanc sauce


-Filet de Poisson aux champignons, fresh local pink snapper fillets, grilled & served with a creamy mushroom mousse, sautéed wild mushrooms & roasted chat potatoes finished with a creamy saffron & pastis veloute

-crêpes à la pistache, home-made sweet crepes, rolled & filled with a pistachio frangipane, served hot finished with a dark chocolate sauce & pistachio ice-cream

week 2 – 10/09/2019 Vèzely- Burgundy

-amuse bouche

-Filet de Poisson, fresh fillet of Rankin cod, butter seared & served on a bed of a creamy leek fondue accompanied by sautéed green peas, vongole clams, crispy pancetta & finished a Pinot Noir & fish butter sauce  

-confit de canard, tender & slow cooked duck leg confit served with a celeriac puree, sautéed salardaise potatoes & broccolini finished with a duck & madeira jus

-Fondant au Chocolat, hot baked belgium dark chocolaté lava cake, with a rich liquid centre, served with creamy vanilla bean ice-cream, salted caramel sauce and pouring crème anglaise

week 3 – 17/09/2019 Saint-Ėtienne- Auvergne

-amuse bouche

-Porc braise, slow braised pork belly, served on a red wine & chorizo risotto, accompanied by sautéed baby squid & finished with a light pork & port reduction


-fillet de boeuf sauce roquefort, Harvey tender fillet of beef served with a creamy pomme puree, sautéed mushrooms, glazed baby heirloom carrots & finished with a creamy roquefort & beef sauce

-eclairs au Nutella, home baked choux pastry eclairs, filled with a creamy Nutella crème patisserie, topped with a dark chocolate glaze & crispy nuts finished with hazelnut ice-cream

week 4 – 24/09/2019 Marseille-Cote d’azur

-amuse bouche

-Petit bouillabaisse façon chez pierre, fresh pink snapper fillets, prawns, mussels, saffron potatoes and confit fennel served with a tomato and fish bouillabaisse style soup finished with fresh herbs and garlic croutons


-croupe d’agneau roti Provençal, roasted & marinated tender amelia park lamb, served with a Provençal ratatouille & potato finished with glazed baby turnips, black olive powder & a rosemary jus

-Strawberry romanoff, fresh marinated liqueur strawberries & blueberries served in a home-made crispy brandy basket finished with raspberry ice cream and a cointreau and strawberry mousseline