Regional Menu – $59.90 per person

Regional Menu

Taste of France



  Week 8 – 21/05/19, Menton, $59.90 per person

-Amuse Bouche

-Petit Bouillabaisse Façon Chez Pierre, Fresh Pink Snapper Fillets, prawns, mussels, saffron potatoes and confit fennel served with a tomato and fish bouillabaisse style soup finished with fresh herbs and garlic croutons


-Filet de Veau au Champignon, Tender Fillet of Margaret River Veal, butter roasted and served with artichoke puree, sautéed mushrooms and gnocchi and finished with a light mustard cream sauce

-Crêpe au Citron, Homemade poppy seed sweet crepes, filled with a delicious lemon curd and finished with fresh strawberries and Cointreau

Week 9 – 28/05/2019 Beaune, $59.90 per person

-Amuse Bouche

-Coquilles St. Jacques, Caramalised Shark Bay Scallops and braised Pork Belly morsels, served with a creamy white bean puree, asparagus, olive crumbs & baby herbs finished with a light white wine sauce


-Coq au Vin ‘Facon Chez Pierre’ Slow poached red wine marinated chicken breast, served with a creamy pomme puree, sautéed bacon, shallots and Parisian mushrooms finished with seasonal greens, fresh herbs and a Burgundian red wine sauce

-Fondant au Chocolat, Hot Baked Belgium Dark chocolaté Lava cake, with a rich liquid centre, served with caramel ice-cream, salted caramel sauce and pouring crème anglaise

 Week 10 – 04/06/2019 Toulouse, $59.90 per person

-Amuse Bouche

-Risotto de Gambas, Seared Exmouth Tiger Prawns and white wine Vongole Clams, served on a wild mushroom and parmesan risotto, finished with confit tomatoes, sautéed spinach and a light dill beurre blanc sauce


-Cassoulet de Toulouse, A traditional dish from the region of Toulouse.  A rich slow cooked casserole of white beans, duck leg confit, pork belly and Toulouse sausage finished with red wine jus, bread crumbs and fresh herbs

-Opéra gâteau, Opera cake is a French cake made with layers of almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, layered with ganache and coffee buttercream and covered in a chocolate glaze

 Week 11– 11/06/2019 Chamonix, $59.90 per person

-Amuse Bouche

-Tartiflette, A specialty from the Savoy Alps, A traditional winter dish of Slow cooked Potatoes, lardons, shallots and raclette cheese, baked and topped with a light garlic veloute and reblochon cheese and fresh herbs


-Filets de Boeuf aux Champignons, Tender Harvey Fillet of Beef, oven roasted and served with a sweet potato and rosemary puree, asparagus and crispy Jerusalem artichokes finished with a creamy bacon and mushroom sauce

-Tarte au Pomme Fine, Caramalised, roasted and glazed Puff Pastry Apple Tartlet, served with crème anglaise and ice-cream, finished with a Grand Marnier and honey sauce

 Week 12 – 18/06/2019 Limoges, $59.90 per person

-Amuse Bouche

-Vol-au-vent aux Fruits de Mer, Crispy Puff Pastry vol-au-vent, filled with fresh seafood, scallops, prawns, fish and a creamy mornay sauce accompanied by a parsley puree, grilled asparagus and pan-fried tiger prawn finished with a light bercy sauce


-Epaule d’Agneau Braise, Slow braised tender Amelia Park Lamb Shoulder, served on a bed of paprika and parmesan polenta, finished with glazed honey baby carrots and lamb and rosemary jus

-Crêpes aux Bananes et au Chocolat, Sweet Crepes filled with chocolate frangipane, topped with hot Caramalised bananas and a rich chocolate sauce finished with vanilla ice-cream and crushed roasted hazelnuts

 Week 13 – 25/06/2019 Le Havre, $59.90 per person

-Amuse Bouche

-Crepe aux Poulet et Truffe Noire, Savoury crepes, filled with chicken breast, mushrooms, fresh herbs and a truffle soubise sauce topped with spinach and a creamy tarragon sauce gratinee under the grill with gruyere cheese


-Filet de Veau, Tender veal fillet, thyme marinated and butter pan-roasted served with gratin potato, parsnip puree, glazed brussel sprouts and finished with a light Dijon mustard crème sauce

-Profiteroles Maison a la Pistache, Home-made sweet choux Pastry profiteroles filled with creamy pistachio ice-cream, garnished with crème anglaise and biscuit crumble finished with a delicious hot chocolate sauce