À la Carte


A La Carte


soupe à l’oignon ⚜ 16.5
traditional and rich french onion soup, gratinée with gruyère croutons

St-jacques ⚜ 25.5
seared and caramelised plump shark bay scallops served with a fricassee of fresh savoy cabbage & roasted hazelnuts, creamy parsnip mousseline & finished with a prawn & chocolate bisque GF

crêpes aux fruits de mer ⚜ 23
seafood crêpe, filled with fresh local prawns, scallops, fish, leeks, fennel and mushrooms in a dill & lime zest mornay sauce encased in a savoury crêpe topped with a light bercy sauce, spinach and gratinée with fromage under the grill

quenelle de volaille et truffe ⚜ 22.5
lyonnaise chicken & truffle mousseline quenelles (French dumplings), served with a fricassee of wild mushrooms, fresh herbs & truffle butter croutons, finished with a creamy forest mushroom velouté

pâté maison ⚜ 19.5
home-made chicken liver, green peppercorn, and cognac pate, served with pork rillette, spiced french gherkins, spiced chutney and caramelised red onion compote finished with home-made toasted brioche
‘one of our house specialties’

steak tartare ⚜ 24.5
traditional Parisian bistro style steak tartare, finely hand cut harvey fillet of beef, capers, mustard, cornichons, shallots, parsley, tabasco, worcestershire, olive oil, vinegar and egg yolk served with garlic toast and mixed leaves
(main course size available)

Soufflé au Fromage ⚜ 23
Twice baked four cheese Souffle of GruyÈre, Blue Cheese, Cheddar and Parmesan served with a crispy sauteed kale, cranberries & wild mushrooms finished with a silky asparagus & blue cheese sauce

Foie Gras Deux Façons ⚜ 38
Imported French Duck Liver Foie Gras prepared two ways, seared hot Foie Gras liver and Foie Gras terrine, served with roasted grapes, spiced grape chutney and roasted crispy seeds finished with a sherry vinegar gastric sauce

escargots de bourgogne
classic burgundy snails cooked in their shells and served with a garlic and herb butter GF
half dozen ⚜ 16.5
dozen ⚜ 26

baguette ⚜ 8.5 per basket
fresh daily baked imported french baguette served with Normandy salted isigny butter


poisson du jour ⚜ 45
fresh fish of the day

bœuf bourguignon ⚜ 41
beef burgundy, slow braised tender beef cheeks cooked & marinated in red wine, served with traditional accompaniments of sautéed lardons, shallots and mushrooms finished with creamy pomme puree, heirloom carrots and a rich burgundy wine sauce GF

carré d’agneau rôti ⚜ 46
tender rack of lamb marinated & roasted, served pink, with a cauliflower puree, butter & tomato braised coz lettuce & honey glazed baby turnips & finished with a rich rosemary & cabernet jus GF

confit de canard, sauce à l’orange ⚜ 39.5
salted and confit duck leg, slowly cooked in duck fat over 8 hours and served with a creamy pomme puree, butter, sautéed veal & chicken boudin blanc and orange glazed baby heirloom carrots, and finished with a classic orange and grand marnier sauce GF

filet de bœuf aux Champignon ⚜ 45.5
tender Harvey fillet of beef cooked to your liking, served with a parsnip puree, rosemary & gruyere gratin potatoes & sauteed broccolini finished with a classic creamy mushroom & cognac sauce GF

poitrine de poulet ⚜ 39.5
tender roasted and truffle infused chicken breast, served on a pumpkin, parmesan, & pancetta risotto accompanied by garlic confit spring onion & crispy chestnut crumble & finished with a light port jus GF

steak tartare ⚜ 45
traditional Parisian bistro style steak tartare, finely hand cut harvey fillet of beef, capers, mustard, cornichons, shallots, parsley, tabasco, Worcestershire, olive oil, vinegar and egg yolk served with garlic toast, French fries & mixed leaves

Tian de Lègumes Jardinière ⚜ 36.5
Provencal Vegetable Gratin layered with roasted zucchini, red capsicum, eggplant, served with sauteed greens and an assortment of sautéed wild mushrooms finished with shaved parmesan, roasted hazelnuts, and a Walnut emulsion sauce V GF


frites ⚜ 9
French fries

broccolini ⚜ 13
broccolini sautéed with crushed pistachios

Asperges ⚜ 14
asparagus pan-fried with roast slivered almonds and shaved parmesan

purée de pommes de terre ⚜ 10
creamy mash potato

salade jardinière ⚜ 9.5
garden salad

V ~ Vegetarian⚜ GF ~ Gluten Free